Kalamazoo-Portage -Transcranial Magnetic stimulation - Brainsway- TMS

​Young Depression Patient

"I have so much more energy, I have motivation to do things - like hobbies of mine I haven't done in forever. It has seriously changed everything."


​Depressed Patient

"While getting the deep TMS treatments, I did not experience any side effects, common for 20 minutes treatment and I felt good."


Senior Depression Patient

"I was highly skeptical and didn't really believe that something that seems so simple and non invasive, could really work."


​Female Depression Patient

"The first couple of treatments I felt a subtle change, I feel different - my cognitive abilities, I go to work, I drive , I can read a book. Deep TMS I think will help, and its gonna have a huge impact in people's lives."


Middle Aged Depression Patient

"The first time I could tell a difference was a week. My mom asked me me how was my treatment, and I said "Mom I can already tell a difference". And she said, "So can I"


Middle Aged Depression Patient

"As the sessions went on, I started feeling more energy, so I knew I was getting back to my normal self. I was smiling more, even when I went in for my sessions."